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Living the Life that I always Dreamed of

There are two kinds of people in this world. The first set of people hang with the philosophy which quotes, “Life is a Race and to win it you need to lose something” and for the second set of people life is something different and for them, “Life is not a race, it’s a gift. Enjoy it don’t rush through it” as quoted by Daniella Kessler. I always wished to be found among the second set of people, but the situations, ambitions and challenges forces one to take the path taken by the first set of people. It is more or less similar to the dilemma to Robert Frost in “The Road not Taken”. But when I ask myself about how long am I going run so, then comes intuition within that it is not going to be throughout the life. At some point in time scale, life would really become a journey walking along the dreams and wishes from the heart.

Living the Life that I always dreamed of!

 I really wonder what I would prefer or what will be in my priority if there is no gravity left to hold me in the race which I am running. Free from constraints, schedules and promises the top 5 dreams which would prefer to move along will be,

Home Library
 I always wished to buy books. In fact I buy more books that what I read or complete. The dream is to have a library not within closed walls, but a silent room with glass walls where you can have view at your beautiful garden. I would prefer to read a novel in the library watching through the glass when it is raining outside.  Apart from that, sitting within the library, having a glance at the books read by me in different periods of my life so far.

Around the world without any timeframe
 Pack your bag and start moving to a random part in the world map which your heart feels. I won’t call it a tour, after all a tour is something very specific about your departure, schedule and arrival. I don’t have plan for anything. Move to different parts of the world, interact with the people, learn and appreciate the culture and live along till the time your heart asks for a change. My first priority will be the Scandinavian Countries. There is no schedule date of arrival back. It is something like exploring ourselves in this open world.

A School to Explore
I do not wish to transfer any wealth if I have that time for the family in my down line. Education and awareness to my children will be the only saving or investment to/on them. It is again them who need to compete by running again in the race. If I have some wealth, I would prefer to start a school with minimum affordable or alternative fees (but not free for sure as it reduces the value). The priority will be teaching the real essence of the world, so that they will be responsible citizens when they come out and are not lured by monetary benefits. Teaching though not my passion is something which I think will do better.

Learning Languages
 I am always fond of learning a new language. With the interest, I tried my bit to learn Sanskrit and French. But the priorities of the life have forced them back in the queue. I would step again learning all the classical languages of India and the World. I will not just get a chance to interact with the people, but also to read the ancient manuscripts written originally in the language.

Organic Farming
 I have the experience of farming only once in my life time which I did during my summer vacation in my school days in my native. I would prefer to grow my own food, running around the farm, experiencing the growing stages of the crops. What else would be more interesting than growing your own food? But I won’t use fertilizers, it will be organic purely.

Political Criticism: Hurting the Few Good Men on the Losing Side

 Criticism if constructive can bring positive transformations, but political criticism in India in fact even throughout the world is cementing just the opposite.  What if a person who sacrificed his personal life, entertainment, liberty, peace etc., for the betterment of the society and the country which he lives in is termed by the same people for whom he devoted his life as a mercenary? Not many digest the allegations and continue to be an altruist. We (including me) are also good in taking a broad view when it comes to criticisms, particularly in political criticisms.

 Have we ever thought before abusing a political party as a whole for individual mistakes? I agree that the views or a mistake of a politician represents his party. At the same time we fail to realise that we are still the Homo sapiens who struggle to control our emotions.  When a team wins or loses, we humans are very good in giving credit/blame on an individual. Ironically, we do not follow the same when it comes to political criticism. In politics, we credit the success on an individual and failure on the team. Whether it was freedom struggle or debacle of Congress in the recent elections or the success of BJP or even the AAP’s massive win in Delhi we have followed the same trend. Is it wise to generalise a party as corrupt? It doesn’t matter whether it is Congress or BJP or any other party. If I call Congress as corrupt and selfish, then I also mean the leaders of the past who sacrificed their own lives for the freedom of the nation. If I call BJP as non-secular, then I am hurting the few leaders within the party who are more secular than many self-proclaimed rationalists. I always believed that every religion or political party is formed for a noble cause, but it is few individuals who misuse it for their personal gain.

 AAP tasted its massive victory in Delhi, but we the people who expected or dreamed for its win always focussed our emphasis on Arvind Kejriwal. It was AK49 before election and AK67 after results. But have we had a thought about the people who travelled from various corners of the nation to work at the ground level and paved way for its win. Arvind Kejriwal and Yogendra Yadav dedicated the victory to the Aam Aadmi and just quoted themselves as vehicle used by the Aam Aadmi of Delhi to show the power they possess.  The point is here we quoted the individual for the success just similar to how we did for NaMo in Lok Sabha election. No doubt they are key players, but a key player cannot play in all positions to win. When I mean “Win”, I just don’t mean the elections but also the prime reason for why they are elected.

Let us at least from now learn to wish the entire team for the success and blame a corrupt individual for the loss. If your fingers are still towards a party as whole, then let the criticisms be constructive just for the sake of few good men on the other side.

Quikr NXT - Experience the Innovation

 Advent of classified sites has reduced our burden to pay additionally to the middlemen, who just mediates the buyer and seller and goes out with a huge profit. Not just the middlemen were thrown out, but it also triggered a healthy practise of enabling the potential buyers and sellers to directly communicate with each other. Quikr, India’s leading and trustworthy classified site has come out with yet another innovation (in fact revolution) to protect your privacy. Just talk to the one, who wish to buy or sell. Yes, you read it right, no more annoying calls from people who are not interested to buy. No need to give your personal email and mobile number; just chat from the website or from the app directly by giving your Quikr id alone. Quikr has entered the next generation classified and aptly they named it Quikr Nxt. Before getting into the features and reasons about why I prefer chat over a phone call and also about why I recommend it, I thought to give a glimpse about my experience with Quikr.

First Experience…

My very first attempt with classified sites way back in 2005 was a failure; in fact the sites which claim to be classified used to be filled with spams. I guessed Quikr will be on such site when I came to know about its existence in 2010 (the site was born in 2008, though a blogger I was not aware about it). My maternal uncle purchased a Ford car, just a year used from a guy who is shifting to US and he gave it at a throw away price and all his demand was that the deal need to be completed within a day or two as he had no time to bargain or wait for a better cost.

Quikr NXT : 3 reasons why chat could be preferred over phone call


Privacy – Both for sellers and buyers

To me privacy is the first and foremost reason where Quikr NXT scores. Now women who hesitated to sell a product just because they have to give their number or mail will have no issue. In fact they can even create an id with a pseudo name and sell their products. Once they find a potential customer, direct communication can be made. There was also a fear among many that if they publically give their number in website, they may be harassed by miscreants. Now they don’t have to break their head worrying about such wrong calls.

Ask what you need – For buyers

Usually sellers come out with a photograph of a best view. Particularly when you buy a car, the exterior from a particular view might look great. But when you meet the seller directly, you find the same car differently. So you don’t have to waste time. Just chat with the seller, ask him to send the snaps of your choice of view and decide. Its saves a lot of time.

Tracking your negotiations

 Buyers and Sellers just don’t communicate to a single person before buying a product. In fact sometimes they get confused to such an extent, there by promising to pay extra to someone who was already ready to sell at a cheaper price and vice versa for sellers. Now with the chat, you can just scroll and see what you promised already thereby proving you’re trustworthy.

 Quikr NXT has many more to offer and it’s just a beginning. I loved it, do you? Give your feedback in comments and I would be glad to read them and interact. Let’s see how much we coincide.