Political Criticism: Hurting the Few Good Men on the Losing Side

by - 10:50 PM

 Criticism if constructive can bring positive transformations, but political criticism in India in fact even throughout the world is cementing just the opposite.  What if a person who sacrificed his personal life, entertainment, liberty, peace etc., for the betterment of the society and the country which he lives in is termed by the same people for whom he devoted his life as a mercenary? Not many digest the allegations and continue to be an altruist. We (including me) are also good in taking a broad view when it comes to criticisms, particularly in political criticisms.

 Have we ever thought before abusing a political party as a whole for individual mistakes? I agree that the views or a mistake of a politician represents his party. At the same time we fail to realise that we are still the Homo sapiens who struggle to control our emotions.  When a team wins or loses, we humans are very good in giving credit/blame on an individual. Ironically, we do not follow the same when it comes to political criticism. In politics, we credit the success on an individual and failure on the team. Whether it was freedom struggle or debacle of Congress in the recent elections or the success of BJP or even the AAP’s massive win in Delhi we have followed the same trend. Is it wise to generalise a party as corrupt? It doesn’t matter whether it is Congress or BJP or any other party. If I call Congress as corrupt and selfish, then I also mean the leaders of the past who sacrificed their own lives for the freedom of the nation. If I call BJP as non-secular, then I am hurting the few leaders within the party who are more secular than many self-proclaimed rationalists. I always believed that every religion or political party is formed for a noble cause, but it is few individuals who misuse it for their personal gain.

 AAP tasted its massive victory in Delhi, but we the people who expected or dreamed for its win always focussed our emphasis on Arvind Kejriwal. It was AK49 before election and AK67 after results. But have we had a thought about the people who travelled from various corners of the nation to work at the ground level and paved way for its win. Arvind Kejriwal and Yogendra Yadav dedicated the victory to the Aam Aadmi and just quoted themselves as vehicle used by the Aam Aadmi of Delhi to show the power they possess.  The point is here we quoted the individual for the success just similar to how we did for NaMo in Lok Sabha election. No doubt they are key players, but a key player cannot play in all positions to win. When I mean “Win”, I just don’t mean the elections but also the prime reason for why they are elected.

Let us at least from now learn to wish the entire team for the success and blame a corrupt individual for the loss. If your fingers are still towards a party as whole, then let the criticisms be constructive just for the sake of few good men on the other side.

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