Living the Life that I always Dreamed of

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There are two kinds of people in this world. The first set of people hang with the philosophy which quotes, “Life is a Race and to win it you need to lose something” and for the second set of people life is something different and for them, “Life is not a race, it’s a gift. Enjoy it don’t rush through it” as quoted by Daniella Kessler. I always wished to be found among the second set of people, but the situations, ambitions and challenges forces one to take the path taken by the first set of people. It is more or less similar to the dilemma to Robert Frost in “The Road not Taken”. But when I ask myself about how long am I going run so, then comes intuition within that it is not going to be throughout the life. At some point in time scale, life would really become a journey walking along the dreams and wishes from the heart.

Living the Life that I always dreamed of!

 I really wonder what I would prefer or what will be in my priority if there is no gravity left to hold me in the race which I am running. Free from constraints, schedules and promises the top 5 dreams which would prefer to move along will be,

Home Library
 I always wished to buy books. In fact I buy more books that what I read or complete. The dream is to have a library not within closed walls, but a silent room with glass walls where you can have view at your beautiful garden. I would prefer to read a novel in the library watching through the glass when it is raining outside.  Apart from that, sitting within the library, having a glance at the books read by me in different periods of my life so far.

Around the world without any timeframe
 Pack your bag and start moving to a random part in the world map which your heart feels. I won’t call it a tour, after all a tour is something very specific about your departure, schedule and arrival. I don’t have plan for anything. Move to different parts of the world, interact with the people, learn and appreciate the culture and live along till the time your heart asks for a change. My first priority will be the Scandinavian Countries. There is no schedule date of arrival back. It is something like exploring ourselves in this open world.

A School to Explore
I do not wish to transfer any wealth if I have that time for the family in my down line. Education and awareness to my children will be the only saving or investment to/on them. It is again them who need to compete by running again in the race. If I have some wealth, I would prefer to start a school with minimum affordable or alternative fees (but not free for sure as it reduces the value). The priority will be teaching the real essence of the world, so that they will be responsible citizens when they come out and are not lured by monetary benefits. Teaching though not my passion is something which I think will do better.

Learning Languages
 I am always fond of learning a new language. With the interest, I tried my bit to learn Sanskrit and French. But the priorities of the life have forced them back in the queue. I would step again learning all the classical languages of India and the World. I will not just get a chance to interact with the people, but also to read the ancient manuscripts written originally in the language.

Organic Farming
 I have the experience of farming only once in my life time which I did during my summer vacation in my school days in my native. I would prefer to grow my own food, running around the farm, experiencing the growing stages of the crops. What else would be more interesting than growing your own food? But I won’t use fertilizers, it will be organic purely.

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