Value of Discipline in Life

by - 2:27 PM

In the life we live there is a value for everything. These values guide us in the right path to lead a happy, prosperous and successful life. Discipline is one principle which is essential and has a value. It is the core value behind success. Success looks simple and in fact a matter of luck at the eyes of many. In real, Success is like an iceberg, where the submerged portion is full of discipline, maintained and followed throughout the path to success.

 It doesn’t matter whether it is an individual or a concern or the nation, nothing can be accomplished without following something in a systematic way. If I have to put it on other words, without discipline in executing, nothing big can be achieved. Discipline is the bridge between goal and accomplishment. Many of us fail to achieve the goal set by us and if we look back into the path travelled by us, it is our indiscipline which is the prime reason behind the failures.

 Discipline doesn’t merely mean obedience. Do you think saying “Yes” for everything to Teachers and Parents meant everything. I too thought so. It is just a dimension of Discipline and I would prefer to call it “Manners”. Nothing much can be learned or achieved just by learning this single dimension. So what does it mean by Discipline?

Discipline if we look in multi-dimensional perspective, it’s a “Way of Life”. It’s something like a shadow which needs to come along with you throughout your life. From the time you wake up, food you take, way you treat your pets, behaviour with your friends, attitude towards elderly, self-motivation, passion, practise, team-spirit, leadership and everything you do to accomplish something in life needs discipline. It looks simple when we say it’s a way of life, but to practise and follow it in daily life needs much dedication. Students need to foster and practise it to succeed in life.

Success is nothing more than a few disciplines practised every day.

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