The Doctrine of "I"

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“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”Winston Churchill

  Have we ever noticed that many people usually start something with optimism, when we actually don’t know or not sure of what we ought to do. We believe all of a sudden that the task could be easily crossed without any exertion. However, most of the people quit due to pessimism once they are made aware about the hurdles. Civil Services is preferred as a choice and the preparation is started and given by many, but at the same time dropped and shifted in the middle by an equal number. Initially the aspirants believe that they can easily make into the list, but fail to clear even the preliminary and quit at the middle.  Is it the cognisant which creates the pessimism or the ignorance which gives optimism? In fact, it is neither the cognisant nor the ignorance, but the materialistic choice without a will to achieve a target is the reason for the pessimism.

So what I am optimistic about?
 It is the books which gives someone a vision. Reading between the lines in the works of the nationalist and other revolutionary leaders, instigates a spellbound feel to do something to the nation. But not all are good in applying what they learn. Corruption, poverty, casteism etc., can be easily removed from the society in the papers or an essay, but in reality these issues are deeply rooted. In the beginning, I though it is due to lack of ideas or measures that these menaces are still existing. But it is only after I stepped down into the real world to actively fight against these issues, I realised that the ideas are available in plenty. It is the selfish elements in the society which doesn’t want these issues to be unravelled. I got the opportunity to interact with managers, unionists, politicians, activists and commoners. I asked a Unionist about why the difference causing split groups within the workers union in the name of caste and language exist, though they fight for a common cause called workers welfare. He said that such split cannot be stopped and nothing more. It took me time to understand that it is the doctrine of “I” over “We” dominates even in trade unions. Corruption is rampant, not just in bureaucracy and top-hierarchy, but also among trade union representatives. Does it mean corruption and divisive politics cannot be stopped at any level?

 I would say “No” and that’s what I am optimistic about. You can create a corruption free society if you have a futuristic approach, if we can seal all the loop holes at the very beginning. Right to Information act is a very good example for the same. As far as I know, it is one such act which is working perfectly as majority of the loop holes are sealed in the very beginning. So for a newly born trade union with youngsters, what could be the potential hazard which could create a split? It is power, money and caste politics. Excessive power all of a sudden will create arrogance and make way to corruption. Initiating a system with complete accountability and transparency in dealings will curb and prohibit the menace in the early stage. In the era of information technology everything can be communicated then and there. Why should members of a union or association need to wait till Annual General Body meeting to have a look at the financial statement? A monthly statement of receipts, expenditure and outstanding balance along with bills can be communicated through mails, websites and social media platforms to the members. Secondly, the system of direct democracy can be used in decision making, after all the member count of any union will not be more than the population of Switzerland.

Representing a union of small group helped me in applying and understanding these issues. Transparency and Accountability blasted the divisive elements at the very beginning. The system created gave a clear cut signal to selfish individuals, that he cannot enjoy power or earn money by getting elected to the post. Optimism within me is bright now. The menace of corruption can be weeded out only when there is a strong will to do. The strong will can be spread like a chain reaction. Civil Services give an opportunity to exhibit it in a large scale. It is now that I understood that my decision to choose it as a career is not merely materialistic. I realised that I really didn't have the belief in the doctrine of "I" which is responsible for all the issues in this world. The doctrine of "We" will flourish for sure, which will be the end of all the by-products of selfishness.

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