Life in Loyola

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 Life in cities is totally different from that in the country side. Everyone knows everyone and everything in the country side, whereas no one knows each other or pretend and act so in the cities. For the few men in the country side, cities are the places where a good boy turns bad. It is something like pressure released from the cooker. But there are only limited choices without moving out of the country side. One needs to shift to the cities in one point or other, either to pursue higher education in a reputed institute or to go ahead in their career with a job in a prestigious organisation.

 My switchover....
 In some point of your life, you need to understand the hard realities of the life. These realities which we were not aware due to the ignorance of us sometimes create an inferiority complex. The picture which you had about yourself, in fact turns to be wrong. All of a sudden a topper in school throughout the life, a star in sports and an energetic and enthusiastic performer in cultural events become a zero in front of the talented pool of students from different parts of the country.  So is it what me? Am I over-rated all these years? In fact it seemed to be true once I shifted to Chennai to join the prestigious Loyola College to pursue my graduation in Chemistry.

  I used to be a key batsmen in my locality, but I was not even given a chance to be in the substitute in the last team of my college which had around 4 cricket teams altogether representing the college at various levels. Recognised as a good performer in school programs, I myself decided to step aside from participating in the selection trials for the college cultural team. A topper in class throughout the school days completed the graduation with more than one attempts in many papers. What I thought as fashion was already outdated and what you wear doesn't always turn out to be trendy. Loyola College seemed to be too fast to me and I struggled to cope with its speed. Chennai definitely was costly to me and the money in fact decided everything around me. 

 Days passed and I completed my graduation and the next stage of life started. And this is where I realised the magic Loyola and Chennai created in me. I seemed to manage many things better than most other colleagues in my place of work and residence. Understanding the society, working for the needy, the true meaning of secularism, team work, decision making, participation in sports and cultural etc., seemed to be very convenient for me. I realised the old topper, sports star and an energetic performer coming out of me once again. So where were these qualities all these years? Why didn't they stay with me in my initial years of graduation. In fact, all these qualities preferred to stay with me, but it me who failed to realise due to my fears. If are poor in wealth, it doesn't mean you are poor in everything else. The three beautiful years in Loyola College, Chennai had made me to understand this essence of life.

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