Burst of Happiness

by - 3:29 PM

Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama
 Can happiness be artificially programmed into human beings? May be the Genome Modification Technology like the CRISPR may try it in the future, but at least at the present moment happiness is something that could not be ready-made, but has to come from his own actions as Dalai Lama quoted. Sudden splattering of rain, shopping in the weekend, visiting the loved ones, cleaning the house, getting ready for a celebration and even the blossoming happiness with our fellow beings can give happiness to us.

So what brought happiness in me?

 There are lot of things in life which brought happiness, just like a shower in me and the first four things which peeked into my mind when I thought about the topic is being preferred by me to describe.

Monsoon: Summer was and will be so harsh in the places I live. Before a year I didn’t have any AC’s in my home and have to prepare and plan myself to keep the room cool to sleep in the night without sweating. The beginning of the monsoon brings much cheer and once the weather forecasting predicts possibility of rain within few days, happiness automatically percolates within me.

CL on a working day: Casual Leaves to me are provided to refresh oneself from the sudden work pressure. But as far as I have seen, most of my colleagues avail casual leave only to do some other work and they categorise them as Personal work. Though these personal works cannot be omitted, I prefer to take 50% of these Casual leaves, just to spend time casually in house without any work. Watching discovery channel in the regional language feeder with the window screens completely shut giving a night feel in an afternoon is something which I love to do and brings joy all of a sudden.

Sunday Exams: I prefer to give lot of competitive examinations. Even if I have not prepared for the exam, I never quit from trying it. I always felt more encouraging and positive in attitude once I give an exam. I prefer Chennai as my centre and the calm atmosphere, tall buildings and the just now opened shops in the early hours of the day gives an unexplainable happiness into the mind, which in turn gives a positive vibration to prepare further.

Reading book in  Train: In a long travel, nothing better than a book can give better company. Even the book you struggled to turn the pages, looks comfortable to read. But I haven’t completed a book completely till date travelling in a train as most of my journey begins in the night. However, just opening the book and peeping along the windows gives a lot of imagination and suggestions and all these brings a sudden happiness into the life.  

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