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Purely a Manufacturing Defect

Stupid Theory of Invincibility # 1

"Never expose your minus, but exhibit as your plus;
   Never you are conquered, as your plus is assumed as your    minus" 

 Whether it is a game or life, one will be pushed to failure by targeting his minus. Your plus and minus are the clues for your opponents to sketch their map. Dim your plus, paving way to underestimate and exhibit your minus as your plus. None can conquer you without conquering your minus.

Sennheiser CX 180 Street –II In-Ear-Canalphone : Review


 I use Samsung Galaxy S Duos and the default headset provided with the smartphone is the best headset I had ever used. The bass in the default headset when played in Virtual 7.1 is something which kept me close to it. Meanwhile it got damaged and I tried the headsets which were provided with Moto E, Redmi 1S and other headsets, but sounded similar to the Samsung headset. I have never tried any headset other than the one packed along with the smartphone, so I was searching for the specific Samsung model which I was already using. It is here I got a suggestion from an online blogger to try branded headsets like JBL, Sony, Sennheiser etc.

Why I went for Sennheiser CX 180 Street II?

 I read reviews from various blogs, Flipkart and Amazon and my preference restricted between Sony MDREX110LPBQIN and Sennheiser CX 180 Street II as both were in the same price range, specifications and positive reviews. I decided to go for Sennheiser just to make way for a new brand which I never tried to enter into my life. I ordered in Flipkart from the seller WS Retail and they charged me Rs.792. As usual the service of Flipkart (specifically W S Retail) was awesome and they delivered it to me within 2 days.

Was my choice to buy Sennheiser CX 180 Street II a right decision?

I would say that I made a right choice in buying it and never regretted till this second for any feature whatsoever it may be. The bass is awesome and better than the default headset provided with Samsung Galaxy. It also comes with 2 year warranty, so no head ache. They have service centres in various parts of the country. In Chennai, if I am right there are 2 authorised service centres. Over all it is worthy headset below Rs.1000.


My Usage

The way I use headset may differ from others. I do not listen to music for more than hour in headsets and I am not a frequent traveller. I listen during the mood fluctuations. So I usually don’t worry about comfort of the headset.



Do I have to replicate the specifications? I am sure, you didn’t reach here to know the specifications, but for an end user review.

 Is it a paid review? 

Have a look at screenshot of my review in Flipkart and the tag "certified buyer" below my name.

Bottom Line

Worthy headset. The best one I have ever used.

Burst of Happiness

Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama
 Can happiness be artificially programmed into human beings? May be the Genome Modification Technology like the CRISPR may try it in the future, but at least at the present moment happiness is something that could not be ready-made, but has to come from his own actions as Dalai Lama quoted. Sudden splattering of rain, shopping in the weekend, visiting the loved ones, cleaning the house, getting ready for a celebration and even the blossoming happiness with our fellow beings can give happiness to us.

So what brought happiness in me?

 There are lot of things in life which brought happiness, just like a shower in me and the first four things which peeked into my mind when I thought about the topic is being preferred by me to describe.

Monsoon: Summer was and will be so harsh in the places I live. Before a year I didn’t have any AC’s in my home and have to prepare and plan myself to keep the room cool to sleep in the night without sweating. The beginning of the monsoon brings much cheer and once the weather forecasting predicts possibility of rain within few days, happiness automatically percolates within me.

CL on a working day: Casual Leaves to me are provided to refresh oneself from the sudden work pressure. But as far as I have seen, most of my colleagues avail casual leave only to do some other work and they categorise them as Personal work. Though these personal works cannot be omitted, I prefer to take 50% of these Casual leaves, just to spend time casually in house without any work. Watching discovery channel in the regional language feeder with the window screens completely shut giving a night feel in an afternoon is something which I love to do and brings joy all of a sudden.

Sunday Exams: I prefer to give lot of competitive examinations. Even if I have not prepared for the exam, I never quit from trying it. I always felt more encouraging and positive in attitude once I give an exam. I prefer Chennai as my centre and the calm atmosphere, tall buildings and the just now opened shops in the early hours of the day gives an unexplainable happiness into the mind, which in turn gives a positive vibration to prepare further.

Reading book in  Train: In a long travel, nothing better than a book can give better company. Even the book you struggled to turn the pages, looks comfortable to read. But I haven’t completed a book completely till date travelling in a train as most of my journey begins in the night. However, just opening the book and peeping along the windows gives a lot of imagination and suggestions and all these brings a sudden happiness into the life.  

D K Ravi - Conspiracy Theory

The shocking demise of a young upright IAS officer is the news of the week, except few others who seldom had time to even take a glance at this news and instead their priority was in Anushka and Kohli’s tweets for each other, leaked selfie’s and creating unnecessary chaos in social networking sites. In fact, I don’t have any problem with their preference, but unless and until the educated youths understand their responsibilities and define their priorities, corruption cannot be eradicated and answers to the death of upright officers like D K Ravi cannot be excavated.

D K Ravi Conspiracy Theories

Twitter Tweets @Dhanyarajendran 
 There are many conspiracy theories floating at present including illegal affairs. I don’t wish to come out with my own conspiracy theory, but I always believe that a theory of illegal affairs is the only strong option available with corrupt to end the story of any honest officers. Secondly, I am also a firm believer that for those who believe and work for the betterment of the people and nation, won’t bother themselves in silly activities like the one quoted in his case. Will a person fighting against the mafias and tax evaders at the cost of his life, commit suicide for silly reason. I do know why my mind rejects all these theories completely. 

My Interpretation of his FB Page

Facebook Usage Statistics: Everyone uses Facebook differently and in fact from their usage and likes many points could be interpreted. It is very evident from his page, that he is not a frequent user except updating photos and wishes on special occasions. But the Facebook shares mentioned in papers was done on March 12 at around 10.30 AM. But before sharing the article related to the women officer, he seemed to have shared another article a minute before which is related Mandya ZP CEO at 10.29 AM. Now this could be viewed from two angles. It is evident from the share (which is shared twice), that he has used it from smartphone. Why a person who never had the habit of sharing news, videos or photos suddenly shared 2 articles within a gap of 1 minute from two different dailies, that too in working hours? He might have started to use applications like Feedly or other apps which provide news feeds and without his knowledge the option of auto share could have shared it in Facebook. This could be the reason for double sharing of two different posts within a gap of 1 minute. It is very normal, without any intention. 
Darkened to protect to Privacy

Did he share FB password? : He should have shared his FB password with someone or might have taken without his knowledge and this is why now his FB page name mentions “Remembering D K Ravi”. What if even the post or texts are shared in FB recently was done by someone else? It seems that post is shared from smartphone and if it someone who shared it, does it mean someone else easily accessed and used his smartphone. Were all the FB shares, texts, calls done if they existed as claimed were done in real without his knowledge to deviate the real reason? 

A snap of his FB status posted a couple of months back 

Bottom Line: I struggled (looking at the emotional portion attached at present) to come out with a conclusion for my interpretation as my mind is hinting various possibilities after having an insight on his FB page, however I decided to restrain myself from specifying anything. However, my instinct tells that there is something , hidden very deep apart from the angles which is viewed now.  

யாம் பெற்ற இன்பம்

"முதல்முறையாக அடிமைபட்டு கிடப்பவனை கண்டு வருந்தவில்லை; 
    தன்முன் நடக்கும் தவறுகளை தன் சுயலாபத்திற்காக தட்டி கேலாமல், 
வாய்மூடி ஆமா சாமி போடும் பச்சோந்திகள் 
   அடிமைகளாக நடத்தபடுவதை கண்டு மிக்க மகிழ்ச்சியுற்றேன்" 

The Cup of Life

 The greatness of Newton’s Law is that, it could be applied to human behaviour too. The essence of the first law keeps it emphasis on an external force to stop or start a motion of a body. This could be very well applied to humans, as the external influence has the power to daunt or inspire an individual from executing something at his best.

Esthell Corporate Tournament 2012

 Can the inimitable power of optimism give a little nudge to get back on track? Yes, says my experience in life. It all happened in 2012 when I was part of the DAE team which won the corporate cricket tournament, which was participated by teams from Chennai and Bangalore. It was our second tournament in Esthell and in the previous year we lost to the team from Indev Groups, Bangalore in the very first match of the knock out tournament. Indev Bangalore was the champions in 2010 and 2011 and they were over confident to take the cup for the third time. We started the tournament in 2012 with a positive note, defeating all our opponents with a comfortable margin. The quarter finals with Malar Hospital went neck and neck till the end, where we snatched the chance from them at the last moment. Our semi-final was against the same Indev from Bangalore and the organisers intimated us that we should play Finals on the same day if we win. We didn’t have any to option to deny as Esthell belongs to the Indev group and they were over-confident that their team will take the trophy for the third time. As they have to travel from Bangalore for every match, they decided to play both semi and finals in the same day.

A couple of days before match….

 Life always doesn’t take you in the path you wish to travel and this proved true in my life. A couple of days before the match, my spouse who was then my girlfriend went to her hometown after disclosing our choice to be the life partners to her parents. As usual as expected it was not in favour and the complete communication between us was lost all of a sudden. I was clueless of what was happening and was even confused about her whereabouts. I was communicated in between by her relative and in a decent conversation with him; I was informed about their decision to deny our choice due to societal pressure and asked us to move on in life separately. I was also told that she understood the situation and pressure and asked them to talk to me and make me understand the issues the same way as it was explained to her. I still remember the words from her relative, “We don’t have any problem with you, but the society is not wise enough to understand and respect inter-community, inter-state, inter-cultural marriages”
 I was totally crest-fallen and the earth seemed to rotating very slowly for me. I was comfortable only when I was fast-asleep and preferred the world to be completely dark from then.

Match day….

The Boxing Day was schedule on 4th of March, 2012 and the same was informed to me. I neither worried nor cared about it. I decided to move to my friend’s (named Rajaram) house, the previous day and planned to switch off my mobile to avoid contacts from my team mates. As planned I moved to his house where he was staying alone on the previous day itself. His home was in the fourth floor totally isolated from the worldly sounds and more connected to the nature. It is during this period I understood the power of nature to cure our wounds. As it was a Saturday, many of my other friends too stayed with us. I do know why our mind asks for more friends and no relatives to stay with us when we are in trouble. I switched off my phone and in fact totally switched my thoughts from the cricket next day. The match was schedule to start at 10 AM in the morning and I woke up at 8.30 AM and few of my other friends were still asleep. There is always a guy who needs your phone to make an emergency call to his girlfriend, due to the fact that is balance had gone or his battery has drained and the same happened that day. One of my friends asked my mobile and switched on it just for a minute to intimate his girlfriend that his phone is dead and will call her back after charging. Just seconds after he switched on the mobile, a call came from my team mate (Christopher) quizzing whether I have started for the match. My friend, who switched on the mobile, attended the call by accident and gave to me to talk. I came out with my own reasons for not coming to the match and he in return came out with his reasons for forcing me to come to the match. It was during this conversation, a call from an unknown landline number gave a waiting alert in the background with a beep. I ignored it in the first attempt and when the call came for the second time I preferred to attend it. The one reason why I decided to attend the call is to cut the call from Christopher showing the waiting call as reason, who was continuously forcing me to come to the match.

Is it the little nudge?

 The call came from the same unknown landline number and STD code was not familiar to me. The moment I attended the call the word “Hello” from the other side shook me a second. It was her who I thought have preferred to move on in life in her own path. It was the same girl, who forced me for the entire previous week to stay away from the world of well-known faces. I asked her,” How are you? Are you Ok?” She said,” Yes, I am and will be back in a month once the situations cool down. Just wait for me even though if I am not able to contact you”. I talked with her for a maximum of one minute and sudden optimism came into my life. All of a sudden I started to realise that everything was fine and everything is in track. The optimism which rose suddenly made me to give a call to my team mates and told them that I will be at ground before 10 AM. I told Christopher to bring my shoes and Jersey from my home and I took bath and went to the ground directly from Rajaram’s house where I was staying.

The best day in my cricket career….

 I gave my best as an opening batsman scoring around 40 and took two incredible catches as wicket-keeper to pay way for our team to enter Finals and to end the winning streak of Indev, Bangalore. The final was against a team representing NISSAN cars. The tiredness of the first match reflected in the initial overs of the Finals. It was a 20 overs match and in the first 10 overs we just managed to get 39 runs and everything seemed to be in favour of NISSAN who till then showed their extra-ordinary calibre. In the break, I told my team-mates that I will go aggressively against the bowlers every ball from then. This decision and the confidence within me proved to be a magic. Post break I managed to score a six in every over and we scored a mighty 156 at the end of 20 overs. I was caught at 72 in the 19th over when I went for the hat-trick six. NISSAN looked totally lost from the very beginning and they managed to score a meagre 35 runs overall in chasing. Finally, we lifted the trophy which included a cash prize of fifty thousand rupees. I was awarded the man of the match in the finals.

March 04, 2012 is still the most memorable day in my life as it proved the power of optimism delivered from the signal of being together.

 So what about the love? I won the match that day and won the love 8 months later.

Life in Loyola

 Life in cities is totally different from that in the country side. Everyone knows everyone and everything in the country side, whereas no one knows each other or pretend and act so in the cities. For the few men in the country side, cities are the places where a good boy turns bad. It is something like pressure released from the cooker. But there are only limited choices without moving out of the country side. One needs to shift to the cities in one point or other, either to pursue higher education in a reputed institute or to go ahead in their career with a job in a prestigious organisation.

 My switchover....
 In some point of your life, you need to understand the hard realities of the life. These realities which we were not aware due to the ignorance of us sometimes create an inferiority complex. The picture which you had about yourself, in fact turns to be wrong. All of a sudden a topper in school throughout the life, a star in sports and an energetic and enthusiastic performer in cultural events become a zero in front of the talented pool of students from different parts of the country.  So is it what me? Am I over-rated all these years? In fact it seemed to be true once I shifted to Chennai to join the prestigious Loyola College to pursue my graduation in Chemistry.

  I used to be a key batsmen in my locality, but I was not even given a chance to be in the substitute in the last team of my college which had around 4 cricket teams altogether representing the college at various levels. Recognised as a good performer in school programs, I myself decided to step aside from participating in the selection trials for the college cultural team. A topper in class throughout the school days completed the graduation with more than one attempts in many papers. What I thought as fashion was already outdated and what you wear doesn't always turn out to be trendy. Loyola College seemed to be too fast to me and I struggled to cope with its speed. Chennai definitely was costly to me and the money in fact decided everything around me. 

 Days passed and I completed my graduation and the next stage of life started. And this is where I realised the magic Loyola and Chennai created in me. I seemed to manage many things better than most other colleagues in my place of work and residence. Understanding the society, working for the needy, the true meaning of secularism, team work, decision making, participation in sports and cultural etc., seemed to be very convenient for me. I realised the old topper, sports star and an energetic performer coming out of me once again. So where were these qualities all these years? Why didn't they stay with me in my initial years of graduation. In fact, all these qualities preferred to stay with me, but it me who failed to realise due to my fears. If are poor in wealth, it doesn't mean you are poor in everything else. The three beautiful years in Loyola College, Chennai had made me to understand this essence of life.

The Doctrine of "I"

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”Winston Churchill

  Have we ever noticed that many people usually start something with optimism, when we actually don’t know or not sure of what we ought to do. We believe all of a sudden that the task could be easily crossed without any exertion. However, most of the people quit due to pessimism once they are made aware about the hurdles. Civil Services is preferred as a choice and the preparation is started and given by many, but at the same time dropped and shifted in the middle by an equal number. Initially the aspirants believe that they can easily make into the list, but fail to clear even the preliminary and quit at the middle.  Is it the cognisant which creates the pessimism or the ignorance which gives optimism? In fact, it is neither the cognisant nor the ignorance, but the materialistic choice without a will to achieve a target is the reason for the pessimism.

So what I am optimistic about?
 It is the books which gives someone a vision. Reading between the lines in the works of the nationalist and other revolutionary leaders, instigates a spellbound feel to do something to the nation. But not all are good in applying what they learn. Corruption, poverty, casteism etc., can be easily removed from the society in the papers or an essay, but in reality these issues are deeply rooted. In the beginning, I though it is due to lack of ideas or measures that these menaces are still existing. But it is only after I stepped down into the real world to actively fight against these issues, I realised that the ideas are available in plenty. It is the selfish elements in the society which doesn’t want these issues to be unravelled. I got the opportunity to interact with managers, unionists, politicians, activists and commoners. I asked a Unionist about why the difference causing split groups within the workers union in the name of caste and language exist, though they fight for a common cause called workers welfare. He said that such split cannot be stopped and nothing more. It took me time to understand that it is the doctrine of “I” over “We” dominates even in trade unions. Corruption is rampant, not just in bureaucracy and top-hierarchy, but also among trade union representatives. Does it mean corruption and divisive politics cannot be stopped at any level?

 I would say “No” and that’s what I am optimistic about. You can create a corruption free society if you have a futuristic approach, if we can seal all the loop holes at the very beginning. Right to Information act is a very good example for the same. As far as I know, it is one such act which is working perfectly as majority of the loop holes are sealed in the very beginning. So for a newly born trade union with youngsters, what could be the potential hazard which could create a split? It is power, money and caste politics. Excessive power all of a sudden will create arrogance and make way to corruption. Initiating a system with complete accountability and transparency in dealings will curb and prohibit the menace in the early stage. In the era of information technology everything can be communicated then and there. Why should members of a union or association need to wait till Annual General Body meeting to have a look at the financial statement? A monthly statement of receipts, expenditure and outstanding balance along with bills can be communicated through mails, websites and social media platforms to the members. Secondly, the system of direct democracy can be used in decision making, after all the member count of any union will not be more than the population of Switzerland.

Representing a union of small group helped me in applying and understanding these issues. Transparency and Accountability blasted the divisive elements at the very beginning. The system created gave a clear cut signal to selfish individuals, that he cannot enjoy power or earn money by getting elected to the post. Optimism within me is bright now. The menace of corruption can be weeded out only when there is a strong will to do. The strong will can be spread like a chain reaction. Civil Services give an opportunity to exhibit it in a large scale. It is now that I understood that my decision to choose it as a career is not merely materialistic. I realised that I really didn't have the belief in the doctrine of "I" which is responsible for all the issues in this world. The doctrine of "We" will flourish for sure, which will be the end of all the by-products of selfishness.