A Healthy Child Makes a Happy Home

by - 8:18 AM

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today” – Stacia Tauscher

 The above quote is very true in this fast moving world where both the parents are employed, do monetary planning for his/her future but many times fail to notice the need of the child at present. I live in such a society and have seen many such experiences happening around me all these years which provoked me to share the same today.

I grew up in a township where most of our neighbours had a nuclear family. I lived in a joint family and my grandmother used to take care of all my day to day requirements. She has very good knowledge about home remedies and idea of natural foods and their health benefits. During my school days whenever we had a long weekend connected with Festivals, our teachers used to be generous enough to load us with home works barring a few. Festivals psychologically don’t allow one to take the school bags throughout the weekend. Tension pile up finally on Sunday night as we have to submit our homework or project the next day. At that moment I always used to wish that I should get fever the next morning when I wake up, so that I can take leave to school and at the same time will have time to complete the homework. There used to be a wide spread belief among us in my school days that if we keep Onion under our underarm it will trigger fever before you wake up.  Me belonging to a joint family never had chance to test it. Many a times I had worried that why I am not falling sick just like friends, who enjoy additional leave watching Cricket or Cartoon after bunking school. We wish to fall sick on a working day and we always want to be completely energetic on a holiday, because falling sick even if it is mild would block us from moving out of the home the entire day. I hardly fell sick and I used to assume that it is Lord Ganesha (I am named with the same name) who I assume is close to me is protecting me from all sorts of diseases. Many a times my friends used to fall sick on the very day they planned to go out for a summer vacation. The day which they were waiting for a long time falls in vain and they used to share their bitter experience once the school re-opens.

Childhood days had passed and now I am married, busy in the fast moving world. Not having enough time to take care of health and clueless about what to provide to the family to keep them healthy. I used to occasionally request Google to show me ideas about nutritious food and their health benefits. From a crazy follower of Ganesha to ideological belief in Atheism much has changed and now I understand the secret why I didn’t fall sick when I was a child. My grandmother used to give me Amla every day and once in a week a home-made syrup containing various leaves and other ingredients. It seems the natural food given to me kept me away from all sorts of disease. My Grandmother never told what Google explained and whatever I have taken were part and parcel of life and it was not like a supplement. Today we live cities and we don’t have enough time to search for all these natural ingredients to include in our day to day life. There are lot of supplements up in the market, but their worthiness is doubtful. Dabur has its own brand with 40+ natural ingredients and it comes with a brand name “Dabur Chyawanprash”.  Giving nutrition in the natural way is always the best, but the present generation will find it hard to consume them. They need it branded and advertised by a celebrity and Dabur does it all. Try it in your family, I have practical experience throughout my life from the ingredients and I am sure it will do miracle.

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