Stupid Philosophy # 2 : Buddha's of Modern-World

by - 10:27 PM

"Every selfless individual in this selfish society are Buddha's of modern-world"  

Artist  - Mukti Alamsyah 

"Desire is the reason of Sorrow" said Buddha. Selfishness hides behind desperation and comes along, without your knowledge. Though noticed by others, rarely few notice it on their own and chase it away. Buddha too had the desire, that the people in this world should be free from desire and eventually the sorrows. I too have a desire that the people should be selfless, after all it is the reason for all the modern day issues. In real everyone of us is selfish in one way or other. We live in hostility, though we are the people who talk more about love and friendship.Everything around me in this world is happening for a selfish reason, though other reasons are quoted for the same. History taught and proves me the same. Every historic event of the past has a selfish desire of an individual or a group. In this selfish world, to me all those selfless individuals are Buddha's of modern-world.

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