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Purely a Manufacturing Defect

I am an Atheist, but it is good we have God.

“To you I am an atheist; to God, I am the loyal opposition”, I always used to utter this quote when I debate with a theist. But the title might look paradox and one might conclude on the first look that I sound similar to the opposition in the modern day democracy. But I wish to be an ideal opposition who combats the erroneous practices and rule, but appreciate if there is something worthwhile. Here being an atheist I am not going to wrangle, but be glad about the presence of the so called God in our modern society at least to use it as a weapon to threaten the corrupt. 
When I look back into the history, the words of Kautilya/Chanakya on corruption among government officials still reverberates in my mind. He said, “Just as fish moving under water cannot possibly be found out either as drinking or not drinking water, so government servants employed in the government work cannot be found out (while) taking money (for themselves)”. But it is also believed in those days that if a King or any other government servant fails to execute his duties, the so called God will punish by pushing them to hell. This fear of God insists at least a few to do beneficial for a common man.  So what’s wrong if something good happens in the name of God? I believe this is applicable in modern day too, even if negligible number of officials in power fear the presence of the so called God and do something better to the common man, then I support him being a theist and will make sure that he doesn’t become an atheist, at least to make sure that the loss of fear doesn’t motivate him to become corrupt. 
Does it mean, the atheists are more vulnerable to corruption? Not exactly, as we too believe in God, but our God is not called as Christ, Allah or Siva, but he is called conscience. To me if a person is corrupt and calls himself an atheist is half baked. He neither has control over his mind nor heart, quite contrary to a real atheist. Being an Atheist, I think and decide myself and my decisions are not persuaded by false preaching or thoughts.

To me, “Everything which exists in the world has something good to execute, may be the so called God too exist for the same reason”. The world would have been too good if God really existed appreciating the good and punishing the bad just like my parents. Is this the shallow game of God? If yes, then he really has the role in all the worst things happening around the world, after all according to many he created and he determine what we do. 

The Girl Next Door

‘You wake up, go to the bathroom and look at the mirror.’
I still remember these words what he told to me that early morning after being together in mobile the whole night. My mobile begged me several times over the night that it wants to sleep, but I refused its request every time. Once the birds started to chirp and the light started to fall on my window, we realized that our mobile were sick and need to be given some rest for its body temperature to come down. Before ending the call he made some fun telling those words as our eyes were sore and looked bit tired.

 I woke up and went to the bathroom and looked at the mirror, though I looked a bit tired, the thoughts and imaginations of meeting him that evening gave a false reflection to my eyes and I felt within me that I am very fresh and exciting than any other day. That was the day I was waiting for a long time and I was excited to see him in front after one and half years. All these interim days we hardly talked now and then. He was busy after his induction into the Indian army and he was coming back home for vacation after his successful completion of training in IMA, Dehradun. He was supposed to reach his house that afternoon and we planned to meet in the evening on the same day. I saw few photos of him tagged in Facebook before few months and I was excited to see how he looks at present. We decided to meet not just to have a chat as we meet after long time but also to discuss about how to approach each other’s family regarding our wish to marry each other.

 With all expectations and imaginations running continuously in mind I went to my office with my own vehicle instead of official cab. I felt that cab cannot take me fast in the evening and it will be convenient to reach the spot if I prefer my own vehicle. I screamed within me complaining why the clock is running so slowly. He called me around 3 in the evening to tell that he reached home and confirmed again about our plan to meet in the Coffee shop once the clock ticks 7. I never wish to have 7 as part of mobile number and I usually felt that it was unlucky for me, but the same number looked interesting and lucky that day for me. It was quarter passed five in the evening I refreshed myself in the rest room and made a smile to myself looking at the mirror there. I never felt so energetic in the evening like this so far. I ran out of office and started my sooty and raised it the busy roads of the city. It was heavily packed being a weekend and I moved like a snail. I saw a few young men and women standing on the roads raising slogans in support of the Delhi rape victim. I just passed those peaceful protestors and continued to move like a snail. He called me when I was standing in a traffic signal and I replied him that I will reach in another 10 minutes. I was sure that I cannot reach in the mentioned time if I move in this heavy traffic, so I decided to take an alternative route through the slums. I moved through the slums and on seeing me few guys started to follow and tease me. They had imported bikes and cars and I was sure they are not the local slum dwellers. They kept on following me, so I changed my route into a bye pass which leads into the city again. They continued to follow and threatened by coming close to my wheels. They were drunk and once a guy crossed in front of me, I lost my control and hit on a lorry which was coming opposite. People gathered after sometime, ambulance arrived later but I lost my life before it reached. It was 7 and it remained unlucky as usual. Instead of sitting in coffee shop with him, I was lying in the road. Information was sent to my family and the police concluded the case file saying it as my mistake as I just had leaner licence that time. The entire nation was talking and protesting for the Delhi rape victim, but the same nation was ignorant about thousands of girls like me. Could a law saved my life and thirst for happiness? Can a law make me meet my boy friend? Can a law bring me back alive? Change has to brought from the base and every individual men should understand and respect the opposite sex. Women is not an object of men's desire and the entire equation in many idol mind has to be altered. I am no more, but my desire is still there. My desire of freedom for women as said by Gandhiji. So far in the story I never revealed my real identity and now I wish to reveal it.

  I am your sister, I am your mother, and I am your girl next door. - As a brother, as a child and as a friend next door, please do respect and protect women/girl around you.

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