Walk on a Humid Sunday Evening

by - 11:53 PM

Sunday Evening@ Kalpakkam Backwaters

It was cool and breezy Sunday evening.  The cloudy sky covered the sun for the entire day and was partially visible in the sunset, just peeping out of the clouds.  The humidity in the atmosphere was more as it rained in the previous night. Roads and walls of the buildings were still wet.  The atmosphere was so pleasant and free from dust and pollution. Bay of Bengal was so even and calm. The back water near the sea was so clear and it was like a large scale fish tank. Children’s were playing in the park and the parents who accompanied them were chit-chatting.  The ground was filled with youngsters and teenagers, playing football and cricket. A young couple were going to the temple and a teen school boy was chasing his girlfriend. The CISF who is in shift duty in the security gate was enquiring the results of the local cricket match. A lady was walking towards the rice mill with a bag in her hand. A group of students were getting down from the bus after finishing their weekend IIT-JEE coaching. Newly joined trainee boys and girls were going for a walk near the beach and making fun of each other. A group of guys were sitting on the wall near the beach having a look on those boys and girls and making some comments.  The chirping sound of the birds increased as they were about to settle in their nest and it almost started to get dark.  I was going on a walk by looking at all these activities around me and finally stepped on cow dung which was wet because of rain. My wandering eyes were now struck to the slippers and people around started to notice me. To avoid those embracing moments, I started acting in such a way that nothing has happened and stood there as it is, as if I was waiting for someone. I assumed that people around me would have not noticed it particularly, but within minutes a grandfather spoke to me. He questioned “What for you are waiting? The tap is not here, it is near the lawn”.

What a tragedy sir ji?

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