Still in Love - Not just Interest, but Committed

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Do you know why Facebook is such a hit?
It works on the principle that, “People are more interested in others life than their own”.

 I received this SMS from one of my friend and the moment I read, I realized that it is true to some extent.  In fact many of us first used to see the relationship status of an unknown person, if we wish to send a request to him/her (mostly her).  Some used to mention it as single, few as engaged and others as committed.  Here is where I got the doubt? What do they mean by committed? If someone is in love, does it mean by committed? Many assume that this is what is mean by committed, but actually realise that they are wrong once they break up. As a result the blame game starts. Only a few accept that it was particularly because of him/her the love actually broke in the half way.

  They fail to understand that they were interested in each other, but are not actually committed. Yes, all of us are interested in something, but we fail as we are not committed to it. A person who is committed to something will not fail in it. In love both should be committed and not just interested to lead to happy married life.  I would like to depict a short story of a girl and how she was actually committed in life. Her commitment transferred to the guy in all his activities in the later stage. Here the story goes.......

Love & Eternity
Committed to Each Other
 She was the most beautiful girl born in the God’s own country. Till the age of 23 she never fell in love with any one. Till that day she assumed that love is all about infatuation and realised that she doesn’t want to fall in such a trap. Just within few weeks after her 23rd birthday she fell in love with a guy who was actually her friend from the last 6 months. Though she didn’t accept him initially, she accepted later by making him wait for 24 hours. It initially started with SMS and later it went to late night calls. They used to talk daily after 11 in the night and sometimes it even extend till 4 or 5 in the morning. They used to discuss whatever they did throughout the day. They never hide anything between them, particularly the girl. Many days the boy used to sleep in the mid-way when the girl was talking seriously about something. The girl actually tries to wake him up, but in sleepy mood he used to shout at the girl telling that he is too tired and she is not understanding that. The next day he used to tell sorry to her and promises that he will talk that day without sleeping. But he continues to do the same. It is the practise of the girl’s family to wake up at 5 in the morning every day. Before she started to talk in phone, she used to sleep at 9 in the night and wake up at 5 in the morning. After they started to talk in the late nights, she used to sleep at 2 in the night every day and used to sleeps just for 3 to 4 hours in maximum a day. Even after waking up she has to do all the household works and then have to go to office. After returning from office in the evening, she has to complete the remaining work before she comes to bed. Even then after getting so tired, she never used to fall asleep on any day. However the boy had no such restriction at that time and used to wake up at 9 in the morning taking enough rest and had no other work other than going to work and reading. The boy worried most of the time that her health will be spoiled if she is not taking rest properly, but the way he tried to tell, always looked like a lame excuse for him to sleep. Their working atmosphere is in such way that they cannot carry their mobile phones and it is the night time alone they can talk. Just like this the time passed and one fine day the girl expressed her desire and about the love to her family. Nobody accepted and they were forcibly separated to communicate and see each other. They never agreed to fall out of love. Lot and lot of dramas happened and organised, but they kept their mind sound and steady. Both believed each other and didn’t believe false statements made by others.  It was here the boy realised how committed she was. It is actually her commitment towards the love made her to feel fresh when they were talking in phone even though she slept just for a few hours a day. It is the same commitment which made her to be steady in her stand in their love.  The girl always wants the guy to achieve his ambition of getting inducted into the civil service.  Now with her words of courage the ambition, which was his interest has transformed into his commitment.  The love made him to get committed into the preparation and he started the daily activities and preparations from 5 in the morning the time which she always used to wake up. They were separated by distance and communication, but not by their hearts.
When you are committed, you don’t give lame excuses how serious it may be. Committed person never fail, either it is love or it is life. Well, are you asking me the climax of the story?  As I said earlier committed couples will never fail.  Hope the commitment never let us aside.

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