New status in the wall of life

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 Every day is a new day. Why do we say that? Is it said as we got a new day in our life which differs from the past?  Now I realise that it is said as a new day as we get a lot of new things to learn. The world is ready to teach us new things and it is up to us to realise and accept it. Here is one such lesson a fine day has thought me.

 The above two pictures were taken on two different dates and the exact time and date is mentioned below the photograph. The fountain in my office which exactly lies in the corporate building used to be so beautiful and it was the centre of attraction for those who visit the building. The view from the top floors used to be so beautiful and this brings some sort of relaxation for those who are bit tired mentally.  On one fine day due to some technical problems it has been stopped and concern technicians were working around it.

20.07.2012 @ 11.01.55
25.07.2012 @ 10.44.16
  Here is what I learned something. Once you are happy and moving ahead in your life without any difficulties, many admire you, they talk about you and most of the time you will be the center of attraction. If you are chocked in between for whatever reason it may be people stop to notice you and sometimes will speak ill about you. In this case you need concerned technicians to make you come out of it and initiate you to the normal life. These technicians are the beloved ones in our life who actually care for us. They may forget to praise you in our success, but will never leave us in our failure. It’s better to shut our ears to those visitors who speak according to the situation. Don’t be overwhelmed by their praise or exhausted when they gainsay.  

"Slanderers are like passing clouds, be calm, they will move away"

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