Loyola days - Trip to Alleppey

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 We all go to higher studies with the actual motto of learning which teaches us some values and then to lead a happy life by creating a bright career. Though we all go for the same reason the flashing memories of chatting with friends, bunking the classes, getting into some controversy and of course the college excursion will always remain in our mind. Though this freedom is blocked with a barricade of rules in several colleges, I along with my friends in Loyola College (Chennai) actually had a great time throughout the years starting from June 2005. One who is graduated from Loyola will never forget those years wherever he goes later. One such beautiful moment in our college life is our trip to Kerala in the month of July, 2007.

  In Loyola neither the trip nor the professor accompanying will be decided by the administration and it is solely decided by the students. We plan and we decide what to do. However there were some restrictions in deciding the place of visit. During our time we were not allowed to go to Goa and the college will grant leave only for three days in maximum.  So we had three spots under consideration. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala were the three places under consideration. Unanimously the vote was in favour of the trip to Kerala. Universally everyone knows why the vote was so unanimous.

Loyola College- Chemistry Department (2005-2008) 
 It was on 24th of July 2007 we boarded the Alleppey express in Central railway station at around 10.45 in the night. Professor Justin Baskar who was usually preferred by the final year students accompanied us. The entire compartment was occupied by us sparing few seats. The same train had students from Maths department of our college and also few another set of students from some engineering college in Chennai. Every one of us was enjoying and we celebrated the birthday of one our friend at the midnight. Cake makeup was given to many and few escaped hiding in the toilet. I finally went to take rest around 2 in the night. When I wake up in the morning the train was in the territories of Kerala and it was such beautiful scenario as it was drizzling outside and it was green everywhere. Is it a green carpet welcome? I thought myself. All the eyes were peeping out of the window with such a patience. We booked our rooms in Aluva just opposite to the railway station but the tour organiser booked the bus in Ernakulam. So we wasted a lot of time by going to Ernakulam and in returning back to Aluva instead of directly getting out in Aluva. From Aluva we started our journey to Alleppey and we had a great time in the boat. Boating in the waters of Alleppey was such a wonderful experience. People had their living around the waters. It is from there we went to Cochin and we just spent our time in the beach and then returned to the same hotel in Aluva. The only difficulty we faced on day one is with the food. I found it very difficult to take the rice as I never had such a big sized rice in my life. Though people told me that it is better than the rice what we take, I didn't have the confidence to take. With parotta I managed the entire day. The next day in the early morning we started to Munnar and climbing the mountain is such a good experience. It is in Munnar we actually tasted the Tamil Nadu style of food. The complete day was in Munnar and we returned to room very early that day. The next day from Munnar we went to Veega Land amusement park and it was the best of everything. This is the day we enjoyed the maximum. The entire amusement park was filled with students from several colleges.  We then went to the the same hotel in Aluva. The final day we started to Athirapally falls and nearby site seeing’s.  We took bath in the top of the falls and we were just allowed to take photographs in the bottom as the fall of water was more. Finally we moved Thrissur as it was our boarding point for our departure. Chennai express came between 6.30 and 7 in the evening and we started back to our home ground. It was such a joyous occasion which none of my classmates will forget. Though tourism agent who arranged our trip spoiled a bit by reducing the sight seeing’s and mismanagement with time and other arrangements, it was such a great time in Kerala.  The drizzles falling over the green carpet laid by the nature will always remain in our minds. 

Days of Loyola will never vanish from my heart - Thank you Loyola and my dear friends

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