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Purely a Manufacturing Defect

New status in the wall of life

 Every day is a new day. Why do we say that? Is it said as we got a new day in our life which differs from the past?  Now I realise that it is said as a new day as we get a lot of new things to learn. The world is ready to teach us new things and it is up to us to realise and accept it. Here is one such lesson a fine day has thought me.

 The above two pictures were taken on two different dates and the exact time and date is mentioned below the photograph. The fountain in my office which exactly lies in the corporate building used to be so beautiful and it was the centre of attraction for those who visit the building. The view from the top floors used to be so beautiful and this brings some sort of relaxation for those who are bit tired mentally.  On one fine day due to some technical problems it has been stopped and concern technicians were working around it.

20.07.2012 @ 11.01.55
25.07.2012 @ 10.44.16
  Here is what I learned something. Once you are happy and moving ahead in your life without any difficulties, many admire you, they talk about you and most of the time you will be the center of attraction. If you are chocked in between for whatever reason it may be people stop to notice you and sometimes will speak ill about you. In this case you need concerned technicians to make you come out of it and initiate you to the normal life. These technicians are the beloved ones in our life who actually care for us. They may forget to praise you in our success, but will never leave us in our failure. It’s better to shut our ears to those visitors who speak according to the situation. Don’t be overwhelmed by their praise or exhausted when they gainsay.  

"Slanderers are like passing clouds, be calm, they will move away"

Still in Love - Not just Interest, but Committed

Do you know why Facebook is such a hit?
It works on the principle that, “People are more interested in others life than their own”.

 I received this SMS from one of my friend and the moment I read, I realized that it is true to some extent.  In fact many of us first used to see the relationship status of an unknown person, if we wish to send a request to him/her (mostly her).  Some used to mention it as single, few as engaged and others as committed.  Here is where I got the doubt? What do they mean by committed? If someone is in love, does it mean by committed? Many assume that this is what is mean by committed, but actually realise that they are wrong once they break up. As a result the blame game starts. Only a few accept that it was particularly because of him/her the love actually broke in the half way.

  They fail to understand that they were interested in each other, but are not actually committed. Yes, all of us are interested in something, but we fail as we are not committed to it. A person who is committed to something will not fail in it. In love both should be committed and not just interested to lead to happy married life.  I would like to depict a short story of a girl and how she was actually committed in life. Her commitment transferred to the guy in all his activities in the later stage. Here the story goes.......

Love & Eternity
Committed to Each Other
 She was the most beautiful girl born in the God’s own country. Till the age of 23 she never fell in love with any one. Till that day she assumed that love is all about infatuation and realised that she doesn’t want to fall in such a trap. Just within few weeks after her 23rd birthday she fell in love with a guy who was actually her friend from the last 6 months. Though she didn’t accept him initially, she accepted later by making him wait for 24 hours. It initially started with SMS and later it went to late night calls. They used to talk daily after 11 in the night and sometimes it even extend till 4 or 5 in the morning. They used to discuss whatever they did throughout the day. They never hide anything between them, particularly the girl. Many days the boy used to sleep in the mid-way when the girl was talking seriously about something. The girl actually tries to wake him up, but in sleepy mood he used to shout at the girl telling that he is too tired and she is not understanding that. The next day he used to tell sorry to her and promises that he will talk that day without sleeping. But he continues to do the same. It is the practise of the girl’s family to wake up at 5 in the morning every day. Before she started to talk in phone, she used to sleep at 9 in the night and wake up at 5 in the morning. After they started to talk in the late nights, she used to sleep at 2 in the night every day and used to sleeps just for 3 to 4 hours in maximum a day. Even after waking up she has to do all the household works and then have to go to office. After returning from office in the evening, she has to complete the remaining work before she comes to bed. Even then after getting so tired, she never used to fall asleep on any day. However the boy had no such restriction at that time and used to wake up at 9 in the morning taking enough rest and had no other work other than going to work and reading. The boy worried most of the time that her health will be spoiled if she is not taking rest properly, but the way he tried to tell, always looked like a lame excuse for him to sleep. Their working atmosphere is in such way that they cannot carry their mobile phones and it is the night time alone they can talk. Just like this the time passed and one fine day the girl expressed her desire and about the love to her family. Nobody accepted and they were forcibly separated to communicate and see each other. They never agreed to fall out of love. Lot and lot of dramas happened and organised, but they kept their mind sound and steady. Both believed each other and didn’t believe false statements made by others.  It was here the boy realised how committed she was. It is actually her commitment towards the love made her to feel fresh when they were talking in phone even though she slept just for a few hours a day. It is the same commitment which made her to be steady in her stand in their love.  The girl always wants the guy to achieve his ambition of getting inducted into the civil service.  Now with her words of courage the ambition, which was his interest has transformed into his commitment.  The love made him to get committed into the preparation and he started the daily activities and preparations from 5 in the morning the time which she always used to wake up. They were separated by distance and communication, but not by their hearts.
When you are committed, you don’t give lame excuses how serious it may be. Committed person never fail, either it is love or it is life. Well, are you asking me the climax of the story?  As I said earlier committed couples will never fail.  Hope the commitment never let us aside.

Walk on a Humid Sunday Evening

Sunday Evening@ Kalpakkam Backwaters

It was cool and breezy Sunday evening.  The cloudy sky covered the sun for the entire day and was partially visible in the sunset, just peeping out of the clouds.  The humidity in the atmosphere was more as it rained in the previous night. Roads and walls of the buildings were still wet.  The atmosphere was so pleasant and free from dust and pollution. Bay of Bengal was so even and calm. The back water near the sea was so clear and it was like a large scale fish tank. Children’s were playing in the park and the parents who accompanied them were chit-chatting.  The ground was filled with youngsters and teenagers, playing football and cricket. A young couple were going to the temple and a teen school boy was chasing his girlfriend. The CISF who is in shift duty in the security gate was enquiring the results of the local cricket match. A lady was walking towards the rice mill with a bag in her hand. A group of students were getting down from the bus after finishing their weekend IIT-JEE coaching. Newly joined trainee boys and girls were going for a walk near the beach and making fun of each other. A group of guys were sitting on the wall near the beach having a look on those boys and girls and making some comments.  The chirping sound of the birds increased as they were about to settle in their nest and it almost started to get dark.  I was going on a walk by looking at all these activities around me and finally stepped on cow dung which was wet because of rain. My wandering eyes were now struck to the slippers and people around started to notice me. To avoid those embracing moments, I started acting in such a way that nothing has happened and stood there as it is, as if I was waiting for someone. I assumed that people around me would have not noticed it particularly, but within minutes a grandfather spoke to me. He questioned “What for you are waiting? The tap is not here, it is near the lawn”.

What a tragedy sir ji?

Loyola days - Trip to Alleppey

 We all go to higher studies with the actual motto of learning which teaches us some values and then to lead a happy life by creating a bright career. Though we all go for the same reason the flashing memories of chatting with friends, bunking the classes, getting into some controversy and of course the college excursion will always remain in our mind. Though this freedom is blocked with a barricade of rules in several colleges, I along with my friends in Loyola College (Chennai) actually had a great time throughout the years starting from June 2005. One who is graduated from Loyola will never forget those years wherever he goes later. One such beautiful moment in our college life is our trip to Kerala in the month of July, 2007.

  In Loyola neither the trip nor the professor accompanying will be decided by the administration and it is solely decided by the students. We plan and we decide what to do. However there were some restrictions in deciding the place of visit. During our time we were not allowed to go to Goa and the college will grant leave only for three days in maximum.  So we had three spots under consideration. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala were the three places under consideration. Unanimously the vote was in favour of the trip to Kerala. Universally everyone knows why the vote was so unanimous.

Loyola College- Chemistry Department (2005-2008) 
 It was on 24th of July 2007 we boarded the Alleppey express in Central railway station at around 10.45 in the night. Professor Justin Baskar who was usually preferred by the final year students accompanied us. The entire compartment was occupied by us sparing few seats. The same train had students from Maths department of our college and also few another set of students from some engineering college in Chennai. Every one of us was enjoying and we celebrated the birthday of one our friend at the midnight. Cake makeup was given to many and few escaped hiding in the toilet. I finally went to take rest around 2 in the night. When I wake up in the morning the train was in the territories of Kerala and it was such beautiful scenario as it was drizzling outside and it was green everywhere. Is it a green carpet welcome? I thought myself. All the eyes were peeping out of the window with such a patience. We booked our rooms in Aluva just opposite to the railway station but the tour organiser booked the bus in Ernakulam. So we wasted a lot of time by going to Ernakulam and in returning back to Aluva instead of directly getting out in Aluva. From Aluva we started our journey to Alleppey and we had a great time in the boat. Boating in the waters of Alleppey was such a wonderful experience. People had their living around the waters. It is from there we went to Cochin and we just spent our time in the beach and then returned to the same hotel in Aluva. The only difficulty we faced on day one is with the food. I found it very difficult to take the rice as I never had such a big sized rice in my life. Though people told me that it is better than the rice what we take, I didn't have the confidence to take. With parotta I managed the entire day. The next day in the early morning we started to Munnar and climbing the mountain is such a good experience. It is in Munnar we actually tasted the Tamil Nadu style of food. The complete day was in Munnar and we returned to room very early that day. The next day from Munnar we went to Veega Land amusement park and it was the best of everything. This is the day we enjoyed the maximum. The entire amusement park was filled with students from several colleges.  We then went to the the same hotel in Aluva. The final day we started to Athirapally falls and nearby site seeing’s.  We took bath in the top of the falls and we were just allowed to take photographs in the bottom as the fall of water was more. Finally we moved Thrissur as it was our boarding point for our departure. Chennai express came between 6.30 and 7 in the evening and we started back to our home ground. It was such a joyous occasion which none of my classmates will forget. Though tourism agent who arranged our trip spoiled a bit by reducing the sight seeing’s and mismanagement with time and other arrangements, it was such a great time in Kerala.  The drizzles falling over the green carpet laid by the nature will always remain in our minds. 

Days of Loyola will never vanish from my heart - Thank you Loyola and my dear friends

Finally the eyes are open - Blog's birth story

 It may sound crazy to celebrate the first post of a blog with a birthday wish. But to me it is actually one of the best moments.  A mother will give birth to a child after 10 months, but most of the father and mother will decide the name in the initial days.  The same happened in naming this blog too. I named the blog 8 to 9 months back, but my first post comes today (July 11, 2012). Though I tried to write my first post several times in the past few months, I just closed without even giving the title. I even tried to push the blog into the trash once, but the happiest moments during naming the blog changed my mind.

A New Beginning
This Photograph is a Special Dedication to my Friend
 I still remember the day when I was talking to my closest friend over phone just sharing the golden days of school and college. The clocked ticked quarter to two in the night, even then the flashbacks were running so enthusiastically.  Till that moment I was blogger/ freelance writer usually concentrating on articles with the intention of revenue generation.  Articles were optimised for the leading mediators namely the Google, Bing and Yahoo; captions were given make up with the thin coating of keyword and contents were limited to comply with the policies of the dictator named Google. But it was on that night I decided to create this blog breaking all rules followed by me till that day at least in this blog.  Yes I have to say at least, because I have to follow the same when it comes to my revenue oriented blogs.  

 This blog will carry everything from the bottom of my heart. It will be a colloid of heart and mind.  I would love to call it a diary as this is going to hold all my likes and dislikes which I come across. The baby is finally born after coming across many days of emotional instability.

“No, this is not the beginning of a new chapter in my life; this is the beginning of a new book! That first book is already closed, ended, and tossed into the seas; this new book is newly opened, has just begun! Look, it is the first page! And it is a beautiful one!” ― C. JoyBell C.